Друкеровский вестник

Drukerovskij vestnik

ISSN 2312-6469 (Print)

Conditions of publication

Terms of publication in the journal

       The journal publishes the results of original research, relevant scientific fields magazine. All incoming materials necessarily reviewed. Availability of materials for publication of the recommendations and reviews welcome. The final decision on publication of material or refusal to accept the chief editor based on the recommendations and conclusions of the editorial board of reviewers.
       The publication received and accepted for publication materials free of charge.

Right direction and publication of scientific papers
       1. The author or co-author on behalf of the authors of the article to the editor sends prepared in accordance with the requirements for registration of manuscripts by e-mail.
       2. Article, Received, recorded publishing group, as the authors report not later than 10 days after sending the article. Submitted materials are considered to be the result of intellectual work of the authors and are qualified by the editorial board and the magazine publishing group as the information not be disclosed, notifying the involved reviewers.
The authors, in turn, ensure that the material sent is new and has not been published previously in other publications.
       3. Publishing Group provides a preliminary assessment of the conformity of the content of the journal articles and scientific areas of quality of submitted materials.
In 10 days from the date of registration of the article is sent to at least two reviewers to assess the meaningfulness of scientific content.
       4. Review conducted confidentially. Reviewer within 10 days of making the conclusion about the possibility of publication of this article. Author peer-reviewed articles sent a copy of the review or motivated refusal.
       5. In the case of a review of the recommendations for revision, the article is sent to the author.
       6. The final decision on whether the publication is taken after reviewing the chief editor.
       7. The authors of published articles that are not subscribers to the magazine, and who wish to receive a hard copy of the magazine, can pay the cost of delivery and 1 copy print issue of the journal. The electronic version of the magazine will be sent to the author at his e-mail address free of charge.
       8. In the case of a positive decision the chief editor of the publication, publishing group determines the order of publications, depending on the ordering of articles and topics of issues of the magazine and the author tells about this on the specified e-mail.
       9. The authors sign a licensing agreement with the editorial board for the transfer of non-exclusive rights to publish research papers submitted.

Rules for sending, reviewing and conditions of publication in the journal